The Best Blush Around. Glo Up Already!


You want gorgeous, glowing skin, but not everyone can afford the expensive skin care regimen or dermatologist of a celebrity. That’s where Beauty For Real comes in! The Blush + Glo blush/luminizer makes your skin look dewy and radiant. Our blush and highlighter stick actually has many different uses, which we will outline in this blog.

How bout dem apples?

Most obviously, you can use our blush and highlighter stick on the apples of your cheeks, where blush is traditionally applied. With our blush/luminizer combo, we take this standard beauty technique to the next level. You can apply the blush directly from the stick and then blend up your cheekbones, or use your fingers, brush, or a sponge for more precise direct application. Blush + Glo feels heavenly to apply because it goes on as a cream, but blends into a powder to ensure staying power. This simple step breathes life into your cheeks and adds shape to your face, but be sure to blend well to avoid the clown look. With our duo blush/luminizer, you can also layer the highlighter over the blush to add illumination to your cheek bones. Play around with it to find the perfect blush/highlighter blend for your skin tone and type and personal style.

Perk up your peepers

Believe it or not, this blush/luminizer stick isn’t just for your cheeks; you can use it on your eyes too! Use a touch of the highlighter on the inner corner of each eye and directly under your brow bones to make you look bright-eyed, even when you didn’t get enough sleep. Additionally, your blush/luminizer can also moonlight as an eyeshadow! Apply the blush to your lids and blend upwards, then add a layer of highlighter on top if you desire added shimmer. Top with our waterproof black eyeliner for a more dramatic effect.

Enhance your collarbone

The collarbone is low-key a very sexy body part, and when you are headed out for a magical night out, you may want to emphasize its allure. For maximum effect, run the highlighter over each of your collarbones where the light naturally hits it. If you need help pinpointing this, stand under a light in front of the mirror and shrug your shoulders up towards your ears, and highlight accordingly.

Perfect your pout

We all wish we had Rihanna’s luscious lips, but not everyone is so #blessed. Luckily, with the right highlighter, you can create the illusion of a shapely cupid’s bow and full lips. Before applying your lip cream, dab your cupid’s bow with a small amount of highlighter, then do the same on the middle of your bottom lip. Follow with a universal lip liner, then apply your shade and notice how much more precise and plump your lips look.

Any of these techniques can be completed in minutes, because at Beauty For Real, we’re all about keeping makeup simple. Ready to glow on up? Shop our life-changing blush and highlighter stick, Blush + Glo, for a simple way to look radiantly beautiful.

November 10, 2016 — Leslie Munsell
Tags: Products

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