The moment you add even the tiniest bit of bronze makeup, you are instantly sexier, sultrier, and more exotic. And if that flash of bronze is along your lash line, forget it. You’re basically Adriana Lima.

So how exactly should you wear this metallic brown liner? Draw a thin line along the upper lashes and flick it up at the outer corner. Or consider smudging it along the lower lash line and then piling on mascara.

But honestly, the sky is the limit because this gel pencil gives you options. Unlike hard, waxy pencils, which require precision, or liquid liner, which dries mercilessly fast, this formula can be easily tweaked. So the next time someone calls brown liner boring, tell them to upgrade to bronze. Then give ’em your best Brazilian-supermodel wink.

December 13, 2018 — Afterpay Integration

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