The skin is our first layer of protection and can indicate whether there's something wrong with the rest of our body. For this and many other reasons, we've made skin health a priority and adopted multi-step skincare routines that are tailored to our needs. For example, a previous article discussing the importance of sun protection highlights how slathering on sunscreen every day prevents sun damage and slows signs of aging.

However, there’s more we can do to ensure our skin’s health and prolong vitality, and that's getting and staying fit. At first glance, fitness and skincare may seem unrelated, but since our bodies are made up of interrelated systems, it makes sense that diet and exercise play a part in overall skin health. Below, we examine exactly how getting fit affects our skin.

- How does a health and fitness regimen affect skin health?

Fitness gurus often rave about the glow they get after sweating it out at the gym. You may have even noticed your own face looking radiant and flushed after a challenging workout. According to Dr. Eddiong Kaminska, a board-certified dermatologist, this is due to an increased blood flow to all organs, including the skin. When you get your blood pumping with exercise, oxygen and nutrients are provided to your skin cells, clearing impurities and creating that post-workout glow.

What you eat also impacts your skin. A poor diet consisting of high sugar and fat content can lead to significant skin inflammation and psoriasis flares. On the other hand, a fitness regimen that involves consuming a more balanced diet has been found to restore the gut’s health and suppress skin inflammation, based on a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

- What to do for better skin and fitness

Staying active and eating healthy is vital for staying in shape, but it’s highly beneficial for your skin, too. A fitness regimen supports your overall well-being and is a great way to manage stress. Pairing these efforts with a skincare routine is a surefire way to enhance your skin’s appearance. Here are some things you can do to build a fitness regimen that your skin will thank you for.

- Fuel up with whole foods

Having a balanced diet that is comprised of whole foods not only promotes natural weight loss but also supports healthier skin. Consuming at least 30 grams of fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is key for weight loss as it slows down digestion, keeping you fuller for longer. As obesity can cause skin complaints, such as folliculitis and capillaritis, being in good shape physically can help you have better skin.

Also, older skin cells are continuously being shed and replaced. So the steady supply of nutrients delivered by fiber- and antioxidant-rich foods is essential to support skin turnover. And, of course, don’t forget to stay hydrated!

- Stay active

Exercising regularly boosts cardiovascular and mental health. Interestingly, some studies reveal that it can also prevent skin aging. As we get older, the second layer of our skin gets thinner, and our bodies produce less collagen, causing wrinkles. Research suggests that aerobic and resistance training can improve skin elasticity. Weightlifting has been shown to increase dermal thickness more so than other types of exercise. It even increases certain gene activities that produce proteins for strengthening connective skin tissues.

- Get ample beauty rest

A health and fitness routine is incomplete without adequate rest. Sticking to a manageable workout schedule tends to improve sleep and minimize stress. These factors additionally benefit your skin by decreasing the likelihood or severity of skin conditions like acne, eczema, or psoriasis since stress usually worsens these conditions. Aim for at least 7 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep to allow your body to undergo cellular repair and restoration.

As you embrace a health and fitness regimen, you’re not only shaping your physique but also revealing healthier, glowing skin. The next time you find yourself struggling to hop on the treadmill or lift some weights, remember that it will ultimately result in better health and revitalized skin.

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October 04, 2023 — Tomas Marin

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