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I’m not a sun worshipper per se. I don’t go to the beach, or sit by the pool (Except to work- those swimsuit models don’t do their own makeup!). I'm not one for a beach vacation, but must admit, when there are days in a row that are gray, (not often in Florida) my mood goes a bit gloomy too. Even those of us who aren’t sun goddesses can at least acknowledge the delight of basking in it, from the early morning rays to the inspiring beauty of sunset at golden hour. It’s nature, just doing her thing, as sunlight helps regulate everything from our sleep cycles to our production of vitamin D.




You know that saying “too much is never enough?” Not true when it comes to the sun- too much is definitely too much—and the results can be uncomfortable at best.

Too much sun exposure, especially when not protected by SPF, leads to an inflammatory response in the skin, It’s one of the major components of a sunburn: inflamed skin that’s hot to the touch. - Geeta Yadav - MD, a dermatologist in Toronto

This is where the best after-sun products come in. The most effective formulas typically offer anti-inflammatory agents to calm skin within minutes, as well as antioxidants (the countermeasure against UV-induced free radicals) to offset longer-term damage to skin. 

Aloe Vera may be the best known ingredient among them.

In addition to being hydrating and naturally full of antioxidants, it's quite soothing on contact - Geeta Yadav

Another is Carrot Seed Oil, which is also packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Beauty For Real’s Skin Revival Vital Nutrient Serum’s 1st ingredient is Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and the 3rd is Carrot Seed Oil along with Glycerin, an incredible vegan super humectant as the 2nd. Vital Nutrient Serum is the holy grail for treating post-sun skin. Soothing and lightweight, it provides anti-inflammation, anti-oxidants for long term skin protection and hydration to condition  over-exposed skin. To provide additional hydration for your skin, nails and hair after a day in the sun, try Beauty For Real’s Skin Revival Hydrate and Glo Oil. It’s all organic, Marula Oil base along with Desert Date Oil and Plum Kernel Seed Oil are excellent sources for the hydration and emollients needed to restore hydration after prolonged sun exposure. 


Skin Revival


Remember that after-sun products primarily only help to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of a sunburn. “It doesn’t undo the damage caused by the radiation, including increased risk of skin cancer,” cautions Yadav. This means you must be diligent about applying sun protection each day. 

Mineral based sunscreens with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as active ingredients are much less likely than the alternative chemical sunscreens to cause skin sensitivity. Mineral blocks are also active immediately upon application and remain active as long as they are on, whereas the chemical sunscreens need 30 minutes after application to activate and become dormant after 90 minutes. 

Mineral sunscreens are definitely the way to go when considering the environment as well. Some chemical sunscreens are actually being outlawed in Hawaii and the Florida Keys as a result of people gathering at the beaches, applying chemical sunscreens en mass and going into the water which is killing the coral reefs. Can’t be so good for people either, right?




There once was a time that mineral sunscreens had a very opaque white color and pasty texture but the formulations have improved so much that they’re nearly transparent. When choosing your sunscreen, look at the label on the package for active ingredients and choose since oxide and/or titanium oxide. 

Try Beauty For Real’s MVP Tinted Moisturizer + Concealer with mineral sunblock (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) for medium coverage, hyaluronic acid for hydration, a concealer built in the cap and sun protection all in one terrific tube. It will be your MVP (most valuable product) too! 

Wishing you protected fun in the sun and a terrific summer!

July 11, 2022 — leslie munsell

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