In the same way the clothes you wear makes a statement, the color of your eyeliner speaks volumes about your personality and the mood your in. Luckily, our new I-LINE colors are perfect for any mood that strikes you—whether you’re feeling romantic, adventurous, or like a boss. Curious to know what your eyeliner says about you? Read on!

The Adventurer wears In The Navy: As an innovator, you’re not afraid to take risks, and you’re always ready for a new challenge. You’re the creative type who bores of the status quo easily, which is why your eyeliner is as bold as you are. You’re the life of the party and your energy radiates color to every corner of the room. Spontaneity is your middle name, whether it’s going to a concert to see a band you’ve never heard before, or four-wheeling in a remote jungle, you’re always down for adventure. Click here to buy

The Romantic wears Storm: You’re full of soul and believe love conquers all. There’s more to that dreamy look in your eye, though. You’re a classic with a hint of a devilish flair, which means you know what you’ve got and know how to make it pop. You know nothing can go wrong with a little shimmer and a subtle smile. Always ahead of your time, you know how to make people feel special, and friends like to go to you for advice. The glitter you relish within means you have a special glow about you that is simply irresistible. Click here to buy

The Girl Boss wears Whiskey: A multitasker at heart, you know the value of using liner that doubles as shadow. You’re a true woman in control. You’re sharp and sophisticated, neat and decisive, which of course makes you effortlessly timeless. You often find yourself buried in Mad Men marathons, Audrey Hepburn Pinterest boards, DIY projects on the weekends and conquering the boardroom during the week. You’re the one-of-a-kind type of woman who has no problem drinking whiskey from a tea cup. Click here to buy

The “It” Girl wears Black Magic: You’re the embodiment of effortless beauty. You’re a natural problem solver, always finding creative new ways to approach things in every aspect of your life. By keeping it simple with the color, you are able to experiment with eyeliner styles: cat eye, smudged & smoky, orjust along the waterline. If not going for the bold eye, you draw attention to your impeccable style which can paired perfectly with black liner. People find you dependable and loyal. Your knack for common sense makes you admired by all. Click here to buy

We know you're not the same person every day so grab all four and be who you want to be, beautiful.

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January 21, 2017 — Natalie Serret

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