Is waterproof mascara bad for your lashes? Does a bigger brush actually mean more volume? You can say these are the Old Wives' Tales of beauty. But sometimes, it's hard to tell fact from fiction. Here are 6 common myths about mascara and the truth behind them... or lack thereof.

Replace your mascara every three months.

Bacteria breeds in moist, dark, enclosed spaces—meaning your mascara tube is a perfect home for these organisms. This is why mascara has the shortest lifespan of all cosmetic products. Once you open your mascara, you should throw it out after three months.

Don’t share your mascara.

Whatever you do, don’t share. Of all makeup products, mascara is arguably the one you definitely don’t want to share. With all the bacteria that gather in mascara, sharing is a quick and easy way to end up with a nasty eye infection or pink-eye. So. Not. Cute. Your friends might want to borrow your mascara because they just love how great your lashes look but just tell them to go to our site and get their own.

Bigger brush equals better mascara and more volume.

Volumize your lashes with the right wand: A common misconception is that a bigger brush equates to more voluminous lashes. The truth is bushy brushes sweep the mascara off as you’re applying. True volume and definition of lashes are better created through shorter, spread out bristles that allow room for more product to transfer to your lashes. Our Hi-Def Mascara’s hollow, micro-wand is perfect to make the magic you seek. Moreover, the hollow structure holds the product so you can coat the top and bottom lashes on both eyes without needing to dip the wand again. Good thing, too, because dipping your mascara too much dries it out faster!

Wands curl your lashes just as well as an eyelash curler.

Curl your lashes with an actual eyelash curler! Researchers say the formula and the brush can contribute to the look of your lashes but the best way to achieve real curl is to use an eyelash curler either before mascara application. Curling after mascara application puts you at risk of getting your lashes stuck to the curler and losing those fabulashes.

Sleeping with mascara on is bad for your lashes.

Sleeping with mascara on can dry out your lashes, causing them to break. So make sure you remove your mascara ever night before bed. After all, eyes without lashes is like frosting without cake.

Waterproof mascara is bad for your lashes. Water-resistant is better.

Waterproof mascara is for special occasions only. Waterproof mascara is made with a plasticizer meant to harden on your lashes so it’s hard to remove. Obviously, plastic on your eyes doesn’t seem like a bright idea, but why not? The plasticizer causes your lash follicles to dry out, which means your eyelashes fall off in the long-run. No, thank you. We spend enough on mascara (close to $4,000 in our lifetime), we don’t need to worry about losing our lashes completely. Our Hi-Def Mascara is water resistant so it doesn’t run but comes off easily with makeup remover.

There you have it. Mascara simplified.

February 17, 2017 — Natalie Serret

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