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Disclaimer: Only because it’s nearly Valentine's Day am I going to write about what your date may think of your make up. Normally we choose, apply, and wear our make up to please ourselves, right?

I recently did an Instagram live with makeup for a Valentine’s date night on a woman going out for dinner with her boyfriend. I did a light complexion application (she has great skin), smudged a little silver onto her lids, then Finish Line Liquid liner (slight cat-eye), Hi-Def Mascara, Blush + Glo Highlighter In the Pink / Get Lit, and a Kiss Me Gloss. She looked fresh, pretty, and a bit flirty. Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Makeup Look

This got me thinking, with the trend of wearing more makeup, what are dates (guys and girls) saying these days about make up? So I read tons of studies and interviewed some people myself. There were a few unusual answers but some consistent feelings run across all ages, backgrounds, and sexes.

*Nearly everyone said they like women to look “natural”. Use makeup to enhance what’s already there. Thing is, most can’t tell the difference between no makeup and an everyday, light makeup application done well. Men really think the “no-makeup look” is no makeup. (women know better!)

But here’s what they don’t like -

- Strong, overly drawn on brows, colorful eye shadow, apparent false lashes, too much foundation, especially the wrong color (a visible line at jawline), too much “orange stuff”- I think they mean contour or excessive bronzer, and bright lips (nobody wants to kiss a clown).

- Woman wearing overdone makeup seem insecure or unsure of themselves, she must be hiding something.

- Too much makeup can make women look older.

- Makeup done well to enhance a woman’s appearance rather than hide who she is coming off as a definite plus.

- Depends on the occasion - if we are running out to breakfast, she doesn’t need makeup but if we’re going to a formal wedding or a big night out, make up finishes the look.

- Women who are well-groomed with polished makeup are taken more seriously, it shows they care about their appearance but leave the overly made-up or creative looks for personal time.

The question becomes - What is overdone, too much or overly done makeup?

You must answer that for yourself. I personally think makeup should be fun, and you should be allowed to be creative and use it to express yourself. It can give you confidence- just don’t cover yourself up or use it to hide who you are. Be yourself and in the end, we’ll all love you for it! 

Happy Valentines Day!

February 07, 2020 — Leslie munsell

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