Article was written by BFR's founder Leslie Munsell

Hi there Beauty! Leslie here. I’m so excited to present to you our carefully curated Complexion Store. Inspired by the thousands of faces I’ve worked on as a makeup artist, our Complexion Store is the answer to the top 3 questions I’m always asked:

  1. “How do I pick my foundation and concealer color?”

Our Deep Collection is curation for deep skin tones.Your skin tone usually varies in different areas of your face, so I typically recommend choosing a foundation that matches the skin tone along the perimeter of your face. Your jawline is a great place to start because then you can see how it looks with your neck and chest. You want the foundation to disappear onto your skin as you apply it. Whether your skin concern is redness, unevenness, or discoloration, you want to select a foundation that offers light to medium coverage, like Beauty For Real MVP, because you can layer it on as needed to balance and perfect skin tone. Check it in natural light for best results. Pro tip: Because skin color can change seasonally, you may need two colors to always achieve a perfect match.

When it comes to concealer, because it is a more pigmented formula that Foundation, BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer and offers more coverage, you want to use it sparingly. It should be used to cover darkness under and around the eyes and any blemishes, scarring or more intense discoloration. It’s best to choose a color just a slight bit lighter than your skin tone or foundation color.  Click here for a video tutorial on how to apply your foundation and concealer.

  1. “What colors look good on me?”

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Beyond understanding your complexion when selecting foundation or concealer, you also need to consider the undertones of your skin when selecting the rest of your products. 


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A quick and easy way to identify your undertone is to grab a white piece of paper and place it next to your face. Does your skin look rosy/pink or yellow/golden? If it  looks rosy or pink toned, you can say your undertone is cool. If it looks golden or yellow toned, you can say it’s warm. If it’s somewhere in the middle, you are neutral. 


While anyone can wear any color, shades like pink, purple, and blue are consistently more flattering on cool undertones whereas shades like red, brown, and gold should be  your go-to if your undertones are warm. By sticking to this rule of thumb, you can trust you’ll always look great.

  1. “How do I know what products to choose?”


Staying true to our motto, “Beauty Simplified,” our Complexion Store emphasizes the idea that to highlight your unique beauty, you don’t need an unlimited amount of makeup —  just a few perfect products. 

Something for your face, something for your cheeks, something for you lips, and SPOILER ALERT: something for your eyes (free mascara included with every purchase for a limited time.) 

With most of us at home and the additional responsibilities that come with it, we hope our Complexion Store makes feeling beautiful more effortless than ever. So we’ve got you covered, looking this great has never been easier.

April 17, 2020 — Leslie munsell

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