By Caitlyn Halliburton

We all love our original go-to eye looks, like the ever-elegant smoky eye or just a simple top and bottom line with your favorite black or brown eyeliner, but sometimes we just need to change it up.

Thankfully, there are no limits when it comes to eyeliner.

Try the hottest eye trend to spice up your makeup routine: the two-toned eye.

With this fun look, you don't have to decide between your favorite bold eyeliner and those easygoing neutral shades, you can just use both (who doesn't love Beauty For Real's In The Navy and 24 Karat 24/7 Waterproof I-Lines?).

So here's the concept:

  • Pick two shades of eyeliner
  • Apply one shade to the top lid
  • Apply one shade on the bottom 


At this very moment, I'm rocking BFR's Jade on my waterline and Champagne Buzz on my top lid. I'm not big into bold colors on my eyes, so I like this look because the Jade isn't overdone. 






Champagne Buzz

You don't always have to choose a bold shade and a neutral, though. If you work in a conservative setting, it might not be a good idea to go to work with blue eyeliner. But that's the great thing about this trend: it works with classic colors, too.

For a day at the office, when you just want to spice things up a bit, go for a light shade on bottom and a darker shade on top (or vice versa...this is all about making a trend your own!). Try shades like Beauty For Real's Whiskey I-Line and Champagne Buzz. The contrast in shades will give your eyes an added pop while still looking professional.

Ok, this sounds cool, but why is it so hot?

Using two-tones on your eyes give those beautiful windows to the soul an extra pop. Refer to the color wheel to help you out. The color wheel displays colors with their contrasting shades on the opposite side of the wheel. This shows you which colors make other colors pop well, particularly with your eye color and your eyeliner shade.

What are some other ways I can style this trend?

Try it with the upside-down eye trend.

The two-toned eye trend goes hand-in-hand with the upside-down eye trend. This is when the liner on the bottom is thick, like you would typically do on the top lid, and the liner on top is either nonexistent or very thin.


Play up the look by using the bolder shade on bottom and filling it in below your waterline. Then, using the lighter shade, draw a thin line on your top lid and voila! You're ready for a ladies' night.

Feeling extra creative?

Draw a winged eye either on top or bottom (back to the upside-down eye look).

This look is perfect for a night out, and with Beauty For Real's 24/7 I-Lines, you won't have to worry about your liner smudging away on the dance floor.

The two-toned eye trend is perfect for some pizzazz in your makeup routine. Pair the look with your favorite lip cream or lip gloss (I matched my Jade and 24 Karat combo with BFR's Lip Cream + Color in TropiCoral) and you're ready to go!

August 10, 2017 — Alyssa Camareno

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