Article was written by BFR's founder Leslie Munsell

Blush is the BIG trend for 2022 and cream blush is the product of the season. All over social media and on the faces of those in the know you’ll see a gorgeous pop of creamy color. In fact, sales of cream blush have increased by 89% from 2020! If you’re still using powder blush, it’s time for an upgrade.

Here’s why

As we age, our skin becomes drier and with that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Applying powder products onto your skin will make your skin even drier, accentuating those unwanted lines. Using a cream delivers a youthful, healthy glow. You get the color without the drying effect.

Cream blushes create a more natural looking finish on your skin, they don’t sit on the surface like powder. It actually looks like you’re really blushing, and because it’s not dry, you also get light reflecting illumination.

This is for the lazy girl who wants it easy- on some days isn’t that all of us? Cream blushes can be applied and blended with your fingers. Of course, you can use a brush or sponge if you prefer, but I always think easy is better!

Now for placement

This is the latest- Have you heard about the “blush sandwich”? Depending on your age, you’re either like, “omg duh” or “what did you just say?” Broken down, a “blush sandwich” is just slang for a stack of contour/bronzer, blush and highlight. What’s new is the placement of all three elements going about half an inch higher than what is the norm for the Boomer, Gen X and older Millennials. As a rule of thumb, the blush shade doesn’t go on the apple of your cheek, but roughly half inch higher. The bronzer or contour goes below the blush, directly on the cheekbone and the highlighter very close to the eye on the outer corner. All three are angled up to lift your face and eyes, going up toward your temples. When done right, this gives you a lifted effect with no surgery or injections. It’s amazing what a little make up can do!

Try Beauty For Real Blush + Glo and Bronze + Glo for a unique cream to powder formulation giving you the benefits of a cream and the longer of a powder.

April 25, 2022 — Leslie munsell

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