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While there are those that look really great- natural, believable and applied with constraint so as to enhance the look of the person wearing them, I know that they are going to be a thing we look back on in years to come as “can you believe those crazy those eyelashes we wore in the 20s?” Sort of like excessive shoulder pads in the ‘80s, some of these lashes are going too far- too long, too thick, too black. We have a tendency to take things just a bit too far. When someone is looking at you, you don’t want their focus to be only on how gigantic your eyelashes are- do you?

That being said, and knowing dear reader, that you would never go too far, I want to give you some pros and cons if you’re contemplating getting lash extensions.


Waking up every morning with full, gorgeous lashes. Looking in the mirror first thing and seeing you look just that much better without doing a thing- no mascara, no strip lashes with messy glue.

Some say they wear less makeup overall because they feel more confident with lush lashes. This is a potential time saver.


Although you may save time with less makeup, the appointment to apply extensions is a 2 hour commitment. Then you must go back for upkeep every 2 weeks for up to an hour.

The cost is definitely a consideration. The initial appointment runs on average $150-$200+ depending on where you live, how many lashes are applied and the technician you go to. There are places that do them for much less, but remember, you get what you pay for. They can sometimes be applying clusters, (small bunches of lashes pre-glued together) which can feel heavy and be more damaging to your own lashes. Essential bi-weekly touchups will run up to $100.

Because the lashes are glued to your own natural lashes there can be irritation from the glue if you have sensitive eyes. Too much glue can look and feel heavy so choosing an experienced technician is wise. Also, depending on how long you wear the lashes and your diligence to upkeep will determine the damage to your own lashes from gluing the extensions to them. Many report that after wearing extensions their own lashes were much shorter and thinner after removal. 

You can’t get the extensions wet for at least 48 hours after applying and then must try to keep them as dry as possible to maintain adhesion. You won’t be wearing mascara and limited eye makeup is recommended as not to dislodge the glue when removing your makeup (because I know you completely take your makeup off every night, right?). You must not use any oil-based product near your eyes. It’s recommended to brush through the lashes with a dry spoolie regularly to keep them even and straight. Also recommended is a silk pillow case and no sleeping on your face. You must avoid as much rubbing or pressure applied as possible.

So as you see, while lash extensions can look fantastic, they aren’t without considerations. They may work for you, or even may be something you choose to do for an occasion or if you’re going on holiday. 

Me? I prefer an amazing duo of lash growth serum and the Holy Grail that we all search for- the best mascara. I love the Grande Lash Serum and of course, our customer favorite and cult status Hi-Def Mascara. Less time, less money spent and healthier lashes are most important to me.

August 13, 2021 — Leslie munsell

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