Article was written by BFR's founder Leslie Munsell

"The period of the day just before the sun sets or after it rises, whenthe light is redder and softer than usual so that photographs taken in ithave a pleasing quality. - Cambridge Dictionary"

In my early days working full-time as a makeup artist in Miami I became very

familiar with the benefits of The Golden Hour. Back in the day, and still today,
everyone comes to Miami Beach to shoot catalogs, fashion campaigns,
magazines, etc. and they all want to capture the best light at The Golden Hour.
That light makes everything looks just a bit more beautiful. What this means to
the makeup artists, hairdressers, models, photographers and the rest of the crew
is super early call times (5am) to get ready to shoot just after sunup and then
getting ready late in the day to capture the light just before sundown. Or both,
which can mean REALLY long days and amazing images.

Because the sun rises over the ocean in Miami Beach, there are a lot of sunrise
shots. Those are always a little difficult for me- I’m a bit of a morning person, but
being somewhere in top form at 5am is a push. But, I have to say once I’m there
and experience the sunrise over the ocean it is always worth getting up for.
There’s something enchanting about witnessing the beginning of a new day that
offers inspiration, along with the idea that it happens every single day that
provides comfort in it’s consistency- it’s invigorating yet peaceful at the same

The idea for our new palette, Golden Hour, was inspired by this magical time.
The 8 colors in the palette reflect the beautiful light and the warmth felt during
The Golden Hour.

Golden Hour

June 11, 2021 — Leslie munsell

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