If you’re looking for local Miami fun, no one knows the scene like celebrity makeup artist and our founder, Leslie Munsell. Whether you’re hitting the gorgeous beaches playing in the turquoise waters or strolling down Lincoln Road shopping the hottest trends, Leslie takes you through the city like a true Miamian and shares products that can beat the Miami heat.


Treat yourself - Check out The Raleigh Hotel Pool

    Pool at The Raleigh HotelAs a Miami Beach hot spot for over 70 years, it’s safe to say The Raleigh Hotel has South Beach's most beloved pool. The Raleigh Miami Beach pool has been a South Beach icon since it served as a backdrop for many Esther Williams’ films, but it’s the Pool Bar that has kept visitors coming back over the years. Sip a midday mojito as you float around the pool or enjoy a fresh, creative cocktail while lounging poolside. 

    Treat Yourself- Unwind at a spa right on Miami’s world-famous South Beach

      Spa Ricci is the place unwind with wellness. Not only is it conveniently located on South Beach, Spa Ricci is a wholistic wellness center that ensures you’ll be pampered with the utmost quality care. 


      Beauty Tip: After your facial, you’ll want to let your skin breathe. Avoid foundation and simply apply Blush + Glo on your bare skin for a refreshed, natural glow.

      Treat Yourself to the most delicious seafood in the country

      Joe’s Stone Crab is so good it’s always packed, but you don’t have to wait for takeout. World famous- some celebrities even get Joe Stone Crab flown out to them! But if you do want to stay and dine, you'll want to look good for the crowd. A quick red lip and mascara is all you need. Leslie even reported a Tom Cruise sighting there!


        Views, brews, and shoes- Visit Wynwood, Miami’s hot new art district for the scenery at Wynwood Walls, a bite to eat at any of the various eclectic restaurants, and shop at boutiques and shops offering one-of-a-kind selections.

        The Wynwood Walls are an amazing collection of graffiti murals in the Wynwood district of Miami. Located just south of midtown and so worth a quick Uber drive, the walls attract natives and tourists alike. The 2-mile span of murals are unique to Miami, and with over 50 artists from 16 different countries being represented, the walls completely exude the diversity of Miami. It’s a great place to shop, eat, and people watch, too.

        Beauty Tip: Don’t let the famous Miami humidity get the best of you. Try our Miami-proof makeup- if it’s good here, imagine how good it will be back home. I-LINE, HI-DEF Mascara, Shadow STX and South Beach Spray.

        Views, brews, and shoes- Visit Midtown and relax with a handcrafted cocktail at SugarCane.

        Once you’re done wandering through Wynwood, stop at the Shops at Midtown for a drink at SugarCane. SugarCane is an eclectic spot with an indoor/outdoor bar.  Take advantage and enjoy the beautiful weather. Leslie recommends you try the Moscow Mule. The food is tapas style so you can try several dishes- the best brussel sprouts ever!


        Views, brews, and shoes- Enjoy a cocktail with an Extraordinary Miami View at Juvia.

          Want an amazing rooftop view of South Beach? Then Juvia, right off Lincoln Road is the place to have an evening cocktail and feel the fresh ocean breeze. Who said you can’t have it all?



          Wind down and go for lunch- Need some serious lunch after those late night cocktails?  Leslie’s favorite pizza place is Andiamo Pizza and it’s highly recommended to try the Portobello!




          Wind down and soak up the sun- You don’t see Miami if you don’t see its gorgeous beaches. If you're looking for family fun, Mid-Beach, between 32nd and 79th streets is the way to go. For all of you party animals, take on Miami’s famous South Beach. You'll have to arrive early to get parking in one of the public lots or private garages, otherwise it’s best to Lyft or Uber.


          Beauty Tip: Don't forget to spritz on our South Beach texturizing spray so your locks look lavish all day long--Miami heat and all.




          April 14, 2017 — Aleksandra Canal
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