To be a jetset beauty means to pack light but not at the expense of your look. This season's hottest trends are perfect to throw in your case for your travels.

It’s all about subtlety, which is perfect for a girl on the go.

Glowing clear skin, gilded eyes and glossy lips are undoubtedly the most wearable trends from the runway. You can’t go wrong if you keep it simple. With these essentials, you just need to decide on your destination.



Step 1: Pack your makeup must-haves:

Travel-proof Makeup -- Wear out your passport, not your makeup. Long flights, hot car rides, and beachy escapades can be taxing. Don't let that keep you from taking cute selfies in front of memorable places! Opt for a waterproof or water-resistant makeup.

Customer favorite I-LINE eyeliner was just named best sweatproof eyeliner by Equinox Mag so you know it will last through even the longest layover. Choose from 6 shades. Complete the look with Miami-proof HI-DEF Mascara.


Hydrated skin and smooth lips-- Your skin care routine needs to be on the go as much as you are. Especially since travel can be dehydrating.

If you're on a long flight you should drink about eight ounces of water every hour you’re in the air. This isn’t just about hydration: Hitting the restroom forces you to move, which keeps blood flowing in your legs.

Refresh dried, chapped lips with our natural sugar exfoliating Lip Revival Exfoliating Lip Scrub.


Glo Golden-- This year’s clean skin trend lends itself to packing light. Get golden bronze with out having to lay in the sun with our TOTAL GLO illuminating moisturizer.

Keep up the golden glimmer with new 24 Karat I-LINE eyeliner. As the ultimate staple for this season’s metallic trend, it’s almost as bold as you are when you’re out gallivanting around the globe.

For the perfect kissed by the sun look, try Blush+Glo’s dual-ended glow sticks make for efficient packing and once paired with Nudist Lip Gloss+Shine, you can glow through your wildest of adventures.  


Step 2: Use Ziploc baggies:  Ziploc bags are light and space-saving, and since they’re transparent, you’ll be able to find your necessities quickly and easily.

Step 3: Important Documents

Beauty Travel Tips

Any woman on-the-go and in-the-know should always make sure she has copies of important documents. Make copies of your passport, ID, and travel information and save it in two places.  Don't just keep a photo on your phone without backing up to the cloud just in case your phone takes a dip in the pool or lake! 




Step 4: Make it fit: How do you fit it all in that super-cute leather weekend bag?

Roll it. If you roll your clothes, it saves space and keeps them from wrinkling.

Pack the Ziploc bags on the side pockets. This ensures the center space is reserved for your clothes and beauty products.

Wear your heavy or bulky items to travel in. Can’t live without your platform sandals? We understand. Just don’t let them take up all the room in your bag when you’re trying to get away for the weekend.

Step 5: Choose your destination

Not sure which destination to hit first? Feeling adventurous? You’re not the only one. That’s why there’s apps out there to help you find a place to travel for any budget. Check out Skyscanner--it allows you to explore flights to anywhere, for any dates with their “Explore Top Deals” feature. Now that’s wanderlust simplified.



Bon voyage! Send us a selfie!

April 08, 2017 — Aleksandra Canal

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