Description: This 6 piece complete collection of brushes is designed to keep every woman’s make up routine quick and easy to achieve. There’s a brush here to create every look and each works with both cream and powder formulas.

Net Weight: 0.28 lbs / 4.5 oz

Must Have Brushes Set: Cruelty-Free and compact in size for easy transport
4 brushes are dual ended to minimize space in bag. Non-shedding bristles. Super soft for the most sensitive skin. Beautiful, monochromatic color.

Brush Tips + Care: Choose your brush according to the size of the area you’re applying product to. A larger, fluffier brush with looser bristles is best for blending and a smaller brush with more dense bristles is best for precise placement of product.

To clean long wear make up from your brushes, massage a bit of Skin Revival Hydrate and Glo Oil into the bristles before cleansing with shampoo or brush cleaner. The oil will quickly dissolve the make up without much abrasive rubbing of the bristles. If used regularly, foundation and other brushes used on the face should be washed weekly. Brushes used on the eyes, every 2 weeks.

- Cruelty Free, vegan
- Compact size for easy transport
- 4 brushes dual ended to minimize space in bag
- Convenient travel bag
- Non-shedding
- Super soft bristles for the most sensitive skin
- Beautiful, monochromatic color

Made in China