It can be hard to find luxury cosmetics that can stand up to a sweltering day in Miami.  But beautifully sheer options that last beyond the laws of logic are the speciality of Leslie Munsell, a miami-based makeup artist and equestrian.  Her product line, Beauty For Real, caters to the non-couch potato set.  "I've worked with lots of althetes and sporty-spice types," said Munsell, whose clients include Shakira, Dwyane Wade and the Williams sisters.  "I want to help active women look pretty in a clean sophisticated way that's easy, stays intact and is good for their skin."

SHADOW STX                             

Made with soothing botanicals in tried-and-true hues, her cream eye shadows and lip pencil (a chameleon that works on pale and deep skin tones) are superlative that amaze even jaded beauty junkies.

November 16, 2016 — Carole Ann Bell

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