Article was written by BFR's founder Leslie Munsell

Are your lips dry, chapped and peeling from exposure to cold or prolonged sun exposure? Do you find your lip colors build up on your lips and create a weird line where your lips come together? Would you like your lip colors to go on more evenly and give you smoother, longer wear?

Everyone will benefit from a gentle lip scrub treatment- some people occasionally, others everyday. Just like the skin on our bodies and face, exfoliating your lips with a scrub will remove the dull, flakey dead skin and leave your lips feeling plump, supple and hydrated.

Because you are using the scrub on your lips, you’ll likely be ingesting a bit of it. Look for a one that has natural, all plant ingredients rather than petrochemicals (like petrolatum) as the base. The scrubbing granules are usually made from sugar and when used gently they have the perfect texture to provide exfoliation without being too harsh. Beauty For Real’s Lip Revival lip scrub is an all natural, plant formula using essential oils in 4 different yummy flavors/aromas. I love them all but my fave is the Orange Spice with orange and cinnamon essential oils.

Apply a bit to your lips, buff gently in circular motions for about 30 seconds, wipe with a tissue or damp washcloth (you may want to lick a little off!) and magically you’ll experience soft, velvety, line free, plump lips! 

March 16, 2021 — Leslie munsell

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