By Portia Enriquez

If you didn’t already know, working out really helps clear your skin.  Increasing your heart rate increases your blood flow, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout your body, including your face.  Not only will you look like you have a natural blush on, but you’re also helping your body rid of blemishes or acne that you hate so much.  Who doesn’t love getting a two for one deal?

I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed with amazing skin (not tooting my horn at all) so working out at the gym is helping extend the life of my young-looking appearance.  In addition to my gym routine, I have my very own skin care regimen that I follow before and after I get my sweat on.  This way I ensure I don’t have any breakouts and can apply my makeup on a smooth canvas.

Mornings are the best times for weightlifting in my gym, which is my favorite form of working out.  When I wake up at 4am, I make sure to cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser and put on a light moisturizer.  My favorites right now is Origins Frothy Face Wash and Origins A Perfect World Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea. I don’t wear anything heavy because I know that I’ll break a sweat and I don’t want my pores to get clogged.  I don’t like going to the gym with just a bare face because I believe in feeling your best whenever you walk out the door so I always put on a little Beauty For Real Blush+Glo.  My go-to shade is the Coral Crush and Hi Beam pair.  This blush and highlighter duo gives me a look of life so early in the morning and just makes me look great!

Blush + Glo

Leg days are the sweatiest days as I’m working out the largest muscle groups in my body and lifting about 100 lbs when I squat and do deadlifts!  It’s an exhilarating feeling when I complete my last set; I can feel my body working its hardest as the perspiration trickles down my temples when I’m finishing my last few reps (Phew!). But I have to be careful not to wipe that sweat off my forehead because I’ll spread bacteria all over my face.  My recommendation is to pat the sweat off using different parts of your towel as you move across your face and neck. This way you’re absorbing the sweat into the towel and not spreading it.

Driving home after a good day in the gym is a wonderful feeling of achievement!  As soon as I get home I make sure have a full glass of water and fully wash my face (again)!  I know, it’s a little repetitious, but I have to do it to guarantee that I’m taking the best care of my skin.  Once I’m done cleansing I move on to my full on routine.  Once I’ve dried my skin I use Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist to help balance the pH of my skin after cleansing.  Using a toner allows your skin to absorb product so it doesn’t just sit on the surface.  Now depending on your skin type, make sure to apply a moisturizer with a good SPF and let it dry before you start your makeup routine.  You might even find a great tinted moisturizer with SPF like our new Beauty For Real MVP Perfect+Protect Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer duo so you can knock all of this out in one application!  This is what I use and it eliminates a few minutes from my morning routine and allows me to enjoy my fresh cup of joe while I plan for the rest of the day.


So I’ve walked through my skin care regimen during my preferred workout routine, but for all you outdoor workout gurus who enjoy running, yoga in the park, and CrossFit, there’s one thing that you must do if you’re going to be out in the sun.  Make sure you’re putting on some sunscreen with a high SPF! Ensure you’re applying this to both your face and the parts of skin that will be exposed to the sun to protect your epidermis from harmful UV Rays.  You can definitely put to use Beauty For Real’s MVP Perfect+Protect on your face during this time.  We’re launching 5 beautiful shades that will just make you look and feel beautiful wherever or whatever you’re doing.  Make sure to mark your calendars on the day it launches!  This is a must-have product!

Last but not least for all you sweaty glammed-up gym rats, when you get home at the end of the day, do not forget to wash your face before you head to bed; whether you’re coming home from work or the gym.  It would be a shame to put all your hard work to waste to just fall asleep and wake up with day old makeup…then to put more on for the new day.  Our skin needs to breathe and regenerate some new skin cells so we always look bright, vibrant, and new!


Now, go on you BFR Beauties!  Take on the world looking fabulous in the workplace and in the gym!  

June 03, 2017 — Portia Enriquez

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