Article was written by BFR's founder Leslie Munsell

As a woman who is no longer considered a “spring chicken” and has been a makeup artist for decades, I’ve seen lots of makeup trends, tips, and tricks come and go and come around again, just as they do in fashion. Over time, what it all seems to come back to is an overall feeling that us women just simply want to look pretty.

Most women I know are so time starved that we really want a few great makeup products that are easy to apply, wear well, look good, feel good, and don’t cost a fortune. Again, we all want to look pretty and finished, but with as little time and effort spent as possible. Because we have other things to do.

Truth is, I usually do my make up in the car! Rules are: you can only apply at stoplights and you must keep one eye on the light and/or on the car in front of you. Sometimes, I arrive at my office or other destinations before I’m finished. I’m either partially done or sit in the parking lot finishing my makeup, usually while on a phone call. Does this all sound familiar? Could be on a train, a bus, or in a cab as well. All that traveling time is put to good use!

Daily Routine

My daily application usually begins with a Tinted Moisturizer along with a touch of concealer. Beauty For Real's MVP has been a lifesaver as both products are together in one easy-to-carry tube. It's a must-have for me as it also contains SPF 25 Broad Spectrum Mineral Sun Protection, a built in skin conditioning primer and hyaluronic acid for hydration. It's the perfect texture to keep my skin looking natural yet more even and finished.

I then use a brow pencil to frame my face. My brows are as blonde and thin as a middle-aged woman on Madison Avenue.

Great lashes are everything. I always curl mine to open my eyes and apply Hi-Def Mascara, still by far my favorite mascara. It lengthens, builds huge volume and wears without a smudge or smear. Everyone I've ever given it to tries it and loves it.

Beauty For Real's Blush + Glo is perfect for a bit of color on the cheeks- it combines a cream to powder blush along with a cream to powder highlighter in one stick for easy application.

Last is a neutral lip pencil, our D-Fine Lip Liner. It matched my lips and gives them a defined shape that lasts all day. If timing allows and I get all of the previously mentioned products on, I’ll probably use a nude Lip Gloss + Shine or a new Lip Revival Lip Balm. With these makeup products, I look fresh and finished.

If the timing of stoplights doesn’t allow or I'm really in a hurry, then a classic looking red lip and nothing else is always a quick go-to (all it takes is a few swipes of BFR's lip cream in "Really Red").

Of course, I love makeup, and there are occasions when I’m not in a moving vehicle and then I like to amp it up, but usually I'm like so many busy women who need to keep it simple and efficient on a daily basis. With this routine, I look great and have more time to do all of the other things I love.

That’s it for today…

October 25, 2016 — Leslie Munsell

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