By Jada Mohammed 

Holidays mean parties, and sometimes those parties have overlapping dates. Your dramatic Smokey Eye is cute for late night cocktails after work, but might be a little too much for the office lunch party planned on the same day. How can your makeup bag help you transform looks on the go, you ask? Boy, does Beauty For Real have some tips for you!

The Basics

Every look needs to have a foundation, pun intended. In order to achieve any level of glam, you need to start with the basics.

  • MVP Tinted Moisturizer + Concealer
  • HI-DEF Mascara
  • A brow product of your choice

All of these first-step products will set you up for your glamorous look of choice.

Casual Glam

  • Bronze + Glo
  • Shadow STX: Midnight Marathon, Ever Starstruck
  • Lip Gloss + Shine
  • I-LINE Eyeliner: Whiskey, Chocolate Fix, Champagne Buzz, Black Magic

Slightly highlighting your features is perfect for showing off your inner makeup enthusiast without being overdressed for your casual event.

Star-Studded Glam

  • Blush + Glo
  • Shadow STX: Midnight Marathon, All Day Latte
  • H20 Matte Liquid Lipstick: My Pleasure, Bring It 
  • I-LINE Eyeliner: Storm, In the Navy, 24 Karat, Jade, Platinium Blonde, Totally Titanium, Black Magic

Dark and bold colors will assist in highlighting your features while adding an extra diva factor to dress things up.

Everything you need to transform your look can fit right into your purse. You can switch your looks back and forth on the go with a makeup wipe and some Beauty For Real holiday magic.

December 22, 2017 — Alyssa Camareno

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