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If you haven’t gotten on board with the gold eyeliner trend then you should really give it a try. If you have, you know it looks brilliant on literally everyone, lightening and brightening your eyes. There are a million ways to wear it- here are some of my favorite gold eyeliner looks.

1. Simple Winged Eyeliner

Single Winged Eyeliner

This can easily be done with a gel liner and a brush, or even easier, a gel eyeliner pencil. Draw a smooth, clean line from inner to the outer corner, thinner on the inside of the eye and wider as you get to the outer corner then flicking the wing up on the outer corner to lift your eye. I also love the way this photo shows a bit of liner in the inner corner of the eye for more brightness. Try Beauty For Real I-Line 24/7 Eyeliner in 24-Karat.

2. On the top and bottom lid

Just when you’d think wearing gold on both the top and bottom of your eyes would be too much, (heaven forbid!) never fear! Try it with liquid eyeliner on your top lid for a crisp line and then smudge a softer gel liner under your eye. Keep the rest of your eye makeup simple- just a bit of neutral eye shadow and lots of mascara to keep the focus on the gold. For water-resistant mascara, try Beauty For Real Hi-Def Mascara.

On the top and bottom lid

3. Double Wing

If one wing is good, then two wings are better! Try applying your regular wing liner and at the outer corner of your eye add an extra flick above the first one for an extra interesting look. Make the rest of your makeup minimal to keep the attention on your eyes.

Double Wing

4. Black and Gold Eyeliner

For extra definition at the lash line, apply your gold pencil liner first, then a thinner band of black liquid liner on top of the gold closest to the lash line. Top it off with lots of mascara for a fun, flirty look. Try Beauty For Real Finish Line 24/7 Liquid Liner.

Black and Gold Eyeliner

5. Smokey Eye

Smudge some gold eyeliner into your traditional smoky eye to lend it some extra glam. It’s great to smudge gold eyeliner around your eyed, then layer some shadow over the top to increase the blended, smoky look. For added intensity, apply a black pencil liner to your waterline. Use cruelty free Beauty For Real I-Line 24/7 Eyeliner in Black Magic.

Smokey Eye

6. Champagne and Rose Gold Eyeliner

For a soft, romantic and easy look, try a lighter champagne or rose gold around your eyes to add luminescence and brightness. Wear this with a touch of mascara and your good to go. I recommend Beauty For Real I-Line 24/7 Eyeliner in Champagne Fix (pale gold) and Heaven’s Door (light pearl pink with gold shimmer).

Champagne and Rose Gold Eyeliner

7. Layered with Eye Shadow

Apply a warm topaz or bronze eye shadow blended into the crease of your eyes and then gold eyeliner around your eyes for a modern take on neutral that will bring your eyes to life. Try Beauty For Real Shadow Stx 24/7 Eye Shadow for crease proof long wear.

Layered with Eye Shadow

8. In the Crease

When you’re feeling creative and a bit adventurous, apply glittery gold eyeliner to the crease only of your eyes.  This will look great with a creamy, classic red lip. Make a statement in Beauty For Real Lip Cream + Color in Really Red.

In the Crease

9. Multi Colored Liners

Use different colored liners together by applying one on the top lid and the other on the bottom. Play with it by using one on top one day and the other the next to see which you like better. Some good colored eyeliners to mix with gold are Beauty For Real 24/7 Eyeliner in Jade or In The Navy.

Multi Colored Liners

10. Mixed Metal

If you’re loving metallic, go all the way and use gold and silver eyeliners together on the inside of your eye along with black or gunmetal on the outside to create shine and intensity. Make sure your metallic liners are soft and creamy to blend together seamlessly over your entire lid. Try Beauty For Real I-Line 24/7 in Totally Titanium (silver) and Night Fever (black metallic) for waterproof, long wear eyeliners.

Mixed Metal

I hope these looks give you some ideas and inspiration to get you gold on and go out and have some fun!

February 14, 2019 — Leslie munsell

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