As a professional makeup artist for 30+ years, I’ve collected multitudes of makeup brushes. I’ve worked on designing them, (some I even have my name on), been given them to me by friends, received lots from manufacturers and brands and of course, I’ve purchased hundreds. Some, you fall in love with and guard them like jewels- others, not so much. 

Do better brushes make a difference in your makeup application? Absolutely! First, it’s how the product is picked up and held, then it’s that you can achieve correct placement with the right shape along with the firmness/softness and blendability of the brush. Of course, there’s also the way it feels and looks- is it soft, lux and beautiful or old, dirty and beat up? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade!

When it came time to create a new, custom designed from the ground up collection of makeup brushes, I took all of my favorites, picked out the elements I loved of each one and combined those elements into a collection of perfect brushes that I’m incredibly proud of. 

The Essential Pro Makeup Brush Collection is all vegan, cruelty free, with incredible soft, yet durable lux fibers.  They provide easy pick up and hold color, then deliver it with precise placement, definition and blendability. They’re evenly balanced to feel great in your hand and look gorgeous whether they’re on you vanity or in your bag. The yummy dark chocolate brown matte handle and ferrule with cream fibers are the height of sophistication- in the coolest way.

If you’re wondering about how to make the most of your brushes, here’s a description of each one and how it’s used.

Create more definition and precision with your eye application using our Contour Brush. Use the tip to pick up eyeshadow and apply in the outer corners of your eye or blend into the crease. The tapered tip will provide more precision and the contoured, round shape blends out the edges.

The paddle-shaped Shader Brush is an essential multi-tasker. First, it allows for targeted shading on your eyelids. Its firm, dense shape will pick up shadow and apply it to mimic an eyeliner with a softer effect. You can also use this brush to smudge out your I-Line eyeliners for a smoky effect on both upper and lower lash lines. This brush is firm and flat and works really well for applying shimmery shadow to the lid- fluffy brushes don’t hold your shimmery shades like The Shader Brush.  It also works perfectly as a lip brush!

A large, fluffy eye brush, the Blender Brush is used for the placement or blending of powdery or creamy products. In addition to placement of larger areas on your eye, like a soft wash of color on your lid, this brush is used at the end  of your eye application to soften and blend all shadows. It can also be used for targeted highlighter application on small areas of the face.

Our double-ended Angle/Spoolie Brush has a firm, angled brush for lining or stamping at the base of your eyelashes and shapes brows with precisely distributed color. The spoolie brush applies mascara, combs lashes and brows, blurring color for a natural-looking effect.

Ultra fine-tipped, The Liner Brush delivers a precise, firm stroke with which to line your eyes. It makes winged liner a piece of cake! It’s detail and angled handle shape make it easier to direct color, doing all the work for you. Use it with shadow, gel, or liquid liner to achieve eyeliner perfection!

The ultimate streak free foundation brush, our Complexion Brush provides natural looking flawless coverage of your favorite liquid, cream or powder foundations quickly and easily. Dense and compact, one makeup artist friend says it’s like a brush and a sponge had a baby! 

The domed, angled shape of our Blush/Contour Brush makes applying blush easy.  A large, angled brush that is specifically designed to expertly hug the contours of the face, the brush does the blending for you. It can be used with cream or powder blush, bronzer or contour for beautiful results.


I designed the Powder Brush as a large, incredibly soft brush ideal for applying loose and pressed setting powder formulas. Because of the tapered shape, you can also use the tip to apply powder blush with precision. Use the side of the brush to dust a bit of bronzer or contour products around the face or set your foundation focusing on the center of the face. 

The brushes are available individually or save $$ with a Set of 5 for eyes and Set of 3 for complexion. I confidently recommend them as I know they’ll make the ritual of applying your makeup that much more enjoyable. Beautiful tools for your beautiful face! xxoo, Leslie

August 07, 2023 — leslie munsell

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