By Leslie Munsell

In the 25+ years that I’ve been a makeup artist, I’ve been very fortunate. It’s an incredible career that has allowed me to travel all over the world. I’ve worked in China, Korea, Italy, France, Norway, England, Canada, nearly every state in the US and all over Mexico and the Caribbean. I’ve worked with celebrities from every arena. Victoria”s Secret and Sports Illustrated models, Academy and Emmy award-winning actors, Grammy-winning musicians, Olympic medal-winning athletes, political candidates and royalty have all sat in my makeup chair. It always fascinates me to meet someone famous and at the top of their game. The experience of doing their makeup is thrilling; it’s so interesting to see what they are like in “real life”.  I’m happy to report that in most cases, my experience with celebrities has been pretty fantastic.  I do have some good dirt, but one must never kiss and tell!

Leslie's Work

As exciting as this part of my work has been, equally important to me, and probably more gratifying has been meeting the thousands of women who aren’t famous.  You know, the “everyday women”.  I hate that expression, it makes us all sound so ordinary and as women, none of us are ordinary.  We are all extraordinary in our own way, and part of my job is to bring it out front and center.  I love how makeup can do that. It’s not just lipstick, blush and powder. It’s a very powerful tool that when done well, gives us an incredible feeling of confidence and assurance. I’ve seen women look in the mirror after having their makeup done and their whole demeanor changes. They stand taller, bolder and stronger. To have the opportunity to affect someone that way is a gift and the very best part of my job.

Leslie's Work

This is where the idea for Beauty For Real came from--I found over the years that most women are having a difficult time when buying and then applying their make up.  Not just the “everyday” women either.  It’s also those in the beauty and fashion business. Beauty editors, PR agents and models will all ask me for advice to up their makeup game. They wanted to achieve easy, fast and effective makeup routines that look current but not trendy.  They’d spent a lot of money buying things from a vast and overwhelming selection of products marketed to be the next great find only to get them home and not know how to use them. So, in the drawer they go. In frustration, many women wear none or a minimal amount of makeup, like some mascara and a maybe lip gloss. The truth is, it shouldn’t be so complicated and, come on, make up should be fun!


Beauty For Real is about simplifying make up routines and offering the very best makeup in each category. I’ve selected and perfected a few essential products (like the best water-resistant mascara, the best waterproof eyeliners and eyeshadows, etc) that every woman needs and can easily use to look her best. And sometimes I know it’s not just about selecting it and knowing how to apply it, but also finding the time in our jam-packed days to get it done. With this in mind, I’ve developed great packaging that makes applying on-the-go easy and formulas with the best ingredients that once applied, provide long lasting wear so we don’t have to worry about our makeup as we go about our days. From dropping off the kids, to the gym, to the office, to lunch and through dinner, this makeup is built to last. Go to our Beauty For Real YouTube channel for quick how-to application videos, tips and tricks that will streamline your routine.

Beauty For Real is a modern approach to beauty created from my years of experience as an artist and a woman. It’s high performance makeup for modern, active women.


May 30, 2017 — Leslie Munsell

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