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Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new makeup looks. The easy, breezy days of summer mean endless opportunities to add to your beauty routine. These trends are fun, show off your best features and require little effort. Use them to bring attention to your eyes and lips enhancing your sense of personal style. This summer the looks are all about having fun with makeup and expressing yourself so don't forget to do just that. Play with your makeup and go for fresh and unique looks.

1. All Things Pink 

Pink is one of the hottest colors of summer. Amp up your makeup looks by adding touches of pink to your face . Shades of baby pink are just right for a midtown shopping trip with your best friends. Try Beauty For Real Lip Gloss + Shine in Kiss Me. Turn the volume up at night with darker shades of pink on your lips and add a beautiful winged liquid liner.

2. Bold Lips 

Lips are one of the best places to go bold. When the weather heats up, you want an equally hot look. Think about your favorite bright colors. If you find yourself drawn to neon lemon and cherry red, or even electric blue, then bring them to play on your lips. Pair with something a bit more subtle such as soft dewy foundation for a look that has lots of zing to it. Try Beauty For Real Lip Cream + Color in Infrared or Hotter Than Miami.

3. Bronzer Not Contour 

Long gone are the days of cool tone, stark contours. Switch out the contours for a sun-kissed bronzer. The goal of bronzer is to bring natural warmth to your face, making it the perfect trend to try this summer. Bronzer gives your entire face that very special summer finish. Use it in the hollows of your cheeks and on your forehead to provide a gorgeous glow. Even if you haven't had time to get away this summer, you'll look as if you've spend many happy days in the sun. A gentle touch is all you need for that marvelous hint of color. Try Beauty For Real Bronze + Glo.

4. Dewy Skin 

Healthy skin should serve as the basis for the rest of your summer makeup plans. The good news is anyone can get dewy, youthful looking skin with a few tricks and some help from their makeup bag. Bring out a quality cleanser to remove dirt from your pores. Follow it with a hydrating toner that will clear your pores even further. Add in a careful massage and you'll feel confident the second you step outside. 

5. Glitter Eyeshadow 

Glitter is in again and as usual it’s everywhere. You can join in on this flirty fun trend  with glitter eyeshadow. You'll find it in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes on the shelves. Experiment with different color schemes. Use it at night for a look that is totally about partying on the dance floor until dawn. 

6. Feathery Eyelashes 

Thick, flirty eyelashes help give you a head start on your summer romance. Start with a great mascara that’s water resistant and smudge-proof for hot weather, try water resistant Beauty For Real Hi-Def for length and volume. If you want to turn up the volume even more, use flirty lashes to frame and define your eyes. Pull out the fake extensions and watch as you turn heads no matter where you are this July. Take a little time and practice this one before you leave the house. You want it to be perfectly in place once you're soaking up the sun. 

7. Masculine Eyebrows 

Play around with masculine and feminine styles this season. Thick eyebrows can give your face an unexpected and interesting twist. Use thick, full brows to bring some structure to some of your softest looks. If your eyebrows are not naturally thick on their own, you can add volume by brushing them upward and adding soft hair like strokes. This standout trend will be sure to bring you plenty of attention.  

8. Winged Eyeliner 

Winged eyeliner has been seen on runways around the world for quite some time. If you've always liked the look, this August is the ideal time to use it. A short pointed edge works with any eye shape. Add a pop of metallic  on you wings for a great summer vibe. Try Beauty For Real Finish Line.

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May 22, 2019 — Carole Ann Belle

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